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“This training was life-changing! The Speak Up Speaker Certification course exceeded my expectations. It was well-balanced with professional instruction, constructive feedback, and an abundance of encouragement. This course helped me better define my content and speaking
style. It has given me additional tools and a clearer vision for my next steps in a speaking
Kim Cusimano

"Attending Speak Up live/online multiple times was enlightening and encouraging, but to be under the expert, caring wings of both Carol Kent and Bonnie Emmorey stepping us through this intensive at the same time was out of this world. Offering personalized feedback each time we
gathered exponentiated my growth and confidence as a speaker. The Speak Up Certification course is worth its weight in gold—and so are the friends and potential ministry associates you meet!"
Leigh Mackenzie

“The six-week Speak Up certification course did not disappoint. I was challenged, encouraged, and equipped with tools to deliver exceptional talks. Carol and Bonnie presented high-quality material with valuable critique helping to perfect my signature talk. Whether you are new or a
seasoned communicator this course will take your personal development to a new level of

Pastor Jenn Dafoe-Turner 

"The Speak Up Speaker Certification course gets 5 stars! I’ve learned many speaking
techniques—my favorite is the power of the PAUSE! Who knew that a speaker needed only talk less to be exponentially more effective! The accountability and support I experienced are nothing short of priceless.”
Jerry Howard

“Thank you for the wonderful leadership and love you and Bonnie poured into our group during the Speaker Certification course. Your heart for God and the people you serve, made it the perfect environment for nurturing creativity and personal growth in your students. I feel utterly spoiled to have spent six precious weeks gleaning from your vast speaking and writing experience.”
Kimalea Arrighi

"Whether you are brand new or a seasoned speaker, I highly recommend having the Speak Up Certification as a valuable endorsement for your Christ-centered speaking ministry. You’ll be equipped and encouraged and you will become part of a community that's been empowered to
further God's Kingdom with the message He's given you to share."
Victoria Chapin

“The course was laid out in such a way that it was not overwhelming. The teaching was built on weekly until a keynote address emerged.” 
Stephanie Feagins

“I’ve been speaking for several years, but when I heard about the chance to learn from Carol and Bonnie, I jumped at it. I am so glad I did. This course is extremely valuable, with our instructors teaching and demonstrating each part of a signature keynote presentation. They spent time with us on each week’s homework, and at the end of the course, they listened intently and critiqued our entire speech. Carol and Bonnie showed us how to correct our mistakes and make a good message even better. I highly recommend this course!”

Carolyn Dale Newell

Christian Author/Speaker




to help you develop your Signature Keynote Presentation

 and receive more invitations to speak at luncheons, retreats, and conferences.

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Speak Up Ministries is offering a Speaker Certification Course:

a six-week, live ZOOM course led by Carol Kent, founder of Speak Up Ministries, and Bonnie Emmorey, Conference Director.


At the conclusion of the course, you will have a 45-minute critiquing session with Carol & Bonnie where you will present your complete signature keynote presentation.

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Participants will receive a certificate of completion

and a digital emblem for their website.

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Cost $999

Speak Up Speaker Certification Course Schedule

Each two-hour class, 2:00-4:00 PM Eastern, will include specialized instruction on a featured topic accompanied by a short assignment with a leader and peer critique. The classes will be recorded, so if you miss one of the sessions, you’ll receive a link to the recording.

January 18            1.  Design Your Signature Presentation Overview

January 25           2.  Define Your Audience, Aim, and Outline

February 1            3.  Dig Deeper—Find Support Materials

February 8           4.  Decide on Your Rapport Step

February 15          5.  Deliver Powerful Conclusions

February 22         6.  Develop an Expanding Speaking Ministry

At the end of the six-week class, each person will have a 45-minute Zoom session where they present their signature message followed by a critique with Carol Kent and Bonnie Emmorey.